4 Tips For When You Are Lost on Your Careerpath

When I was feeling lost in my career a while back, I looked online for a bit of guidance - how much conflicting advice is on here?! I know you may be thinking "Dee, you're just adding to it!" But I'm hoping that you're reading this because you know I don't speak crap! 

Here are the best things to do when you are lost in your career: 

Get a Notebook

Seriously. Get a pretty notebook and write down what you actually want. This could be specific career goals, purchases, development...write it all down and keep referring to it.

Don't then throw the notebook in a drawer somewhere as that only implies that you dreams and goals will stay in that drawer and you won't realise them.

Create a Plan

You've wrote down your goals, so how do you now plan to achieve them?  If these are long term goals, break them down into more manageable ones. Make them specific and with a clear timeframe. When I make my goals, I write down my target completion date and a stretch target if I think I need it. 

Don't sign up to a million self help Facebook groups or Newsletters 

All of these groups that offer 'advice' and are full of 'likeminded people' - what a load of BS. I went through a phase of doing this as I didn't want to miss out on anything. I've never been so stressed by my phone!  

Instead, carefully select ones that actually resonate with you. Does the content make sense or is it a load of people just generally moaning? Clean up your social media...and also unsubscribe to all those newsletters that ping into your inbox whilst you're at it (except mine!). If you don't read them, or the content doesn't help you: unsubscribe.

Hire a Coach

Give me a call and see if a few coaching sessions will help you out! This is actually what I did - I called my coach and it was the best thing I have ever done :) 

Dee is a Career Success Coach for women and the founder of The Female Mogul. With 14+ years HR and Recruitment experience working for Global Multi-National Companies, she has a wealth of experience in Talent Management and her career has taken her around the world. Dee launched The Female Mogul due to her deep passion for empowering women to take control of their careers and her belief that women can achieve their professional goals.

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