Work your Quirk in your business

One thing that was really important to me in launching my own business was that I wanted to be me.

You might think that's a pretty simple thing but when you have been constantly told to act and dress in a certain way for over a decade, it's not that easy!

I joined the Military at 17 where I had a strict uniform and my hair had to be styled in a specific way. I even had to ask for permission to get a tattoo - if only they could see me now.....!

Then into the world of corporate I went where there was a dress code. Policies and procedures on how to act.

Branding documents that would tell me what font and specific colours to use.


I felt like a wild, caged animal, screaming to get out!

But what happened when I launched my business? My first website was so damn corporate friendly that I sat and cried. I had an opportunity to be me and all that came out was corporate vomit.

What it made me realise was that I still had a lot of work to do on myself. I had to find myself. On reflection, I now wished I had booked a flight to some Thai beach with yoga to 'reflect'.... missed a trick there.

But anyway, after some deep reflection I found out this:

  • I swear. A lot.
  • I'm direct. I'll tell you if you have snot on your face.
  • I care deeply about people. I want the best for everyone and believe they can have it. Whatever IT is for them.
  • I like pink. Which seems to shock many people. Maybe pink and trucker mouth syndrome don't usually go together...
  • I'm really funny. In an 'unacceptable in the workplace' way.
  • I generate a shit tonne of ideas because I think outside of the box. Corporate would say they liked this but reality was a different thing.
  • I love disrupting and challenging the norm.
  • I don't like hierarchy. People are people. We all go to the bathroom folks...
  • I like to help people release the awesome that's inside.

All of these things were pretty much everything I was told not to be or not to do (Even the pink...I was told it wasn't becoming of a female in a mans world).

And now all of these things have been woven into my business. Some are obvious. Some come out more when I'm working with clients 1:1. But they are all there.

Have you ever thought about what your 'quirks' are and how you could weave them into your business?

If not, I challenge you to write down ALL of your awesomely, fantastic quirks that have been locked away or tamed. I then want you to imagine how it would feel to be free and have them on proud display.

Feel into it.

Imagine a day where you can be 100% you and still making boat loads of cash.

Clients loving you for you. Wanting to work with you BECAUSE of your quirks.

You want to host an annual 80's revival parties for your clients because you are obsessed with the 80's. Do it.

You want to have an office dog? Have one.

You want to wear oversized sportswear rather than suit up? Go for it.

My point is, you are you. There is only one you. When you have your own business, it becomes an extension of who you are so you should feel like you CAN be you.

If people don't like it, then they can go elsewhere. You shouldn't have to change who you are or hide certain parts of you just to fit in.

If we change ourselves beyond recognition in order to fit in all that does is create an absurd amount of stress and you denying who you are.

Are you ready to Work Your Quirks? Yeah you are!!!

Much love & coffee,


Dee ReidComment