I nearly gave up on my business

I'm going to be honest with you - I nearly gave up in my business.

I was struggling so much. Clients were few and far between. When they did come, I was so desperate that I pretty much did the work for free.

Fast forward one year... and I have a business that I LOVE.

What changed? I invested in my business. I joined a Group Program that gave me the tools I needed then I invested in my own 1:1 Coach who has been a total game changer for me. So much so that when she announced she was holding a business retreat in Bali, I signed up straight away because I knew the value would be incredible for me to take my business to the next level.

But where would I be if I didn't make the first investment?

I was THIS close to just throwing in the towel. It just wasn't happening for me and I was stressed to the max and I was becoming desperate.

Taking the step from employee to entrepreneur is like a crazy rollercoaster. There are days when you are on cloud nine, imagining all the possibilities then the next are filled with WTF moments.

- Are you selling the right products.

- Is your offer clear.

- When will the money come in.

It's a pain in the ass!! BUT, you need to know that things will develop, you will gain clarity through action, the money will come, you need to keep working at it.

You didn't get the grades you got at school without working for them and you didn't get progress in your career without working for it. Your business is the same.

I first started my business as a resume writing service because I thought that was all I was good at. But as much as I was great at that, it didn't light me up and people could sense that.

Who is going to buy from someone who clearly isn't passionate about their offering? No wonder business was slow!

But when I hired my coach, she helped me gain clarity, made me realise that I could do more than just write resumes.

- I became confident.

- Increased my prices.

- Clients started to come more regularly.

- I loved my business and brand.

- More and more people started to ask me how they could leave their job to set up their business.

And so my business grew to what it is today.

Because I hired someone to support me. Someone who would kick my ass when it was needed and be my cheerleader when the wins were happening. Someone who could guide me through the steps I needed to take.

I'm so glad I didn't throw the towel in when I wanted to. 90% of businesses fail because people don't push past the difficult times.

Yes, it's not easy and your mind and everything around you will scream WTF are you doing?!

But if you know, without a doubt that you want your own business because you KNOW it will be worth it, then keep on going. But just know, you don't have to do it alone.

There is a huge light at the end of the tunnel where your dream life is waiting for you.

Go get it tiger!

Dee is the Career Transformation Expert for women and the founder of The Female Mogul. With over a decade in HR and Recruitment working for Global Multi-National Companies, she has a wealth of experience in Career Management and her career has taken her around the world, with a glass of champagne in hand. A modern blend of femininity and trucker mouth, Dee is the Career Transformation Expert that is disrupting the status quo!