Do you fit in at work?

I don’t know about you but I didn't really feel like I fit in when I was at work.

My colleagues were fab, don't get me wrong, but the day to day work... there was always something just not right. But I would ignore that because, that's just how it is, right?

What if I told you that it doesn't have to be that way. Let me explain a bit more.

The policies and procedures would frustrate me. I didn't actually have to try too hard to do well in my job.

Hearing ‘We’ve always done it this way’ would drive me up the wall.

You could argue that it’s just the way the world is and that I should have just sucked it up and be grateful I had a job.

But why should I? This isn’t some form of Millennial rebellion. It’s a genuine question.

I LOVE change management and improvements. Especially when it is enhancing a process or an experience.

With the companies that I’ve previously worked for, that I’ve believed in, I’ve wanted to do my part to make them an industry leader in the Recruitment area (Recruitment was my thang!).

I believe that you should look at your competitors, see what they are NOT doing and what could they do better. Then look at how you can implement that into your own area.

To become the best. To stand out. To be better.

So when I was told to be creative but stay within the boundaries of the same as it already was being done – that’s where I felt I couldn’t fit in.

My visions were bigger. I could implement more. I would draw up the cost analysis to show the overall saving but still it was too ‘modern’.

I really struggled to stay in the box that I was assigned to. I started to keep my ideas to myself, thought that they were just too ‘out there’. Started to doubt my ability. Became withdrawn. And when that happened, I got better reviews in my end of year performance meeting!

I had to dull myself down to get a better review. Let me go find a tree so I can bang my head against it. Hard.

Again, you might be inclined to say: That’s just how it is!

When you have your own business, you don’t have to worry about fitting in because you create the rules.

Clients will still come to you if you are wearing a pair of jeans. People will still listen to you even if you are working from your kitchen table.

You have the power to do exactly what your competitors AREN’T doing, to make your business stand out. And you can do it all by just being you, without having to adapt yourself to fitting in.

Check out a girl called Kimra Luna, she went from being on state handouts to earning 7 Figures in her business in around 18 months – she has blue hair and tattoos. She has a waiting list of clients.

You are able to create as free and as wild as you wish because you get to set the limit (if you want limits!).

I want to leave you with this: if you feel like you can never fully fit in, or that you can’t seem to find the perfect job – have you ever thought that you are MEANT to be an Entrepreneur?

If this thought fills you with an excitement but you don’t know how you could materialise it, I have a 12 week 1:1 program that will support you and take you from Employee to Entrepreneur.

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