Old Boys Club v Mean Girls Cliques

I’ve always wondered why women and men are so different in the work place (other than the obvious!). There’s the Old Boys Club and the Mean Girls Cliques.

The Old Boys Club support each other whereas the Mean Girls Cliques rarely support other women at a certain level.

How can we be seen as equals in the workplace if we can’t even support one another? We pretty much screw each other over in the fear that another woman could be better than us. Heaven forbid there be more than one woman with a seat at the table!

We’re happy to support the junior women in the business…until they show a flicker of real ambition and could become a professional threat. Then up come the blockers that we all moan about. The blockers we place on ourselves. That other women have placed on us previously.

Does that make it right? Because it was done to us? No it does not! Break the habit. Support your female colleagues! Promote them to your leaders because they are worthy.

Businesses want people who deliver results and help it grow. If we are keeping female talent down for our own personal gain or fear of being outshone, how can we contribute to the growth of a business?

I’m in no way saying we should be masculine work, I’m a champion of women owning their femininity. But we can learn from the behaviours of men. It’s a mindset shift that is needed to truly shatter that glass ceiling that we use as an excuse to not achieve our full potential.

Yes, I’m calling it an excuse. I do not believe it exists. I believe we have ‘Sticky Shoe Syndrome’, which are the things that hold us back from reaching our full potential. There is no ceiling as to how far we can go.

Let’s look at the Old Boys Club for a second. They champion one another, call each other up when there is a job opening, give each other a chance at projects at work. They support one another. It comes natural to them.

What is so difficult about supporting another woman at work? Yes, I’m a feminist but not in the traditional sense of the bra-burning era. I’m a modern day feminist and I love being a woman. I believe that a woman can be whomever she wishes to be and she should have that right to do so. But when I look around, it’s not men who keep us down. We are doing it to ourselves and it has to stop.  

Picture the future:

  • Boardrooms full of women with an equal seat to their male colleagues

  • Women in previously male dominated areas, but now it’s truly equal

  • Your daughter having a career without having to work so much harder than her ‘equal’ male counterpart

  • Men no longer thinking women are being shrill and bossy when they are making their valid point because women aren't the token seat at the table anymore.

We don’t need for men to stop blocking us. We need to support each other.

Dee is a Career Success Coach for women and the founder of The Female Mogul. With 14+ years HR and Recruitment experience working for Global Multi-National Companies, she has a wealth of experience in Talent Management and her career has taken her around the world. Dee launched The Female Mogul due to her deep passion for empowering women to take control of their careers and her belief that women can achieve their professional goals.

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