#Realshit : Lip Fillers

Ok, so this isn’t a post on Careers but I like to write about all things that can come up in a #femalemoguls life :)

I’m a big advocate on if you don’t like something, change it. But only if it’s YOU that wants it changed. I’m writing about lip fillers today because I’ve had the experience and I want to share it with you. The Female Mogul is about all the things that we come across in our life as ambitious women in todays’ world. Yes I’m a Career Transformation Expert but I’m also a gal who says’ it how it is and talks about the things that are big in ALL aspects of my life.

I’m a lover of all things beauty and have no objection to the odd bit of filler or botox. When it is done right. I decided to go for lip fillers because I love the pouty look and when it boils down to it, I love to feel sexy AF. Lips are such a sensual part of the body and I’m obsessed with red lipstick.

Due to good old aging, our lips lose volume and definition as we get older; I’m in my 30’s and starting to notice these nasty ass things. But, I’m fortunate enough that I can delay them for a bit longer!

After a tonne of research, I decided to take the leap into the pool of fillers. I came across a fabulous woman called Rachel in Milton Keynes. She is a registered nurse and owner of Florence Ray. Rachel is super friendly and 100% put me at ease when we first met. Something I think is quite important when someone is about to inject you with filler!!! Check her Instagram page, it’s amazing.

My appointment was for an hour and Rachel went into SO much detail about the product, the procedure, what results could be achieved. The treatment room was super glam (but totally clean, of course!), which is what a Mogul gal wants, right?!

I loved that she didn’t promise me lips like Kylie Jenner. She was honest and told me that we could achieve a bigger version of what I had. For me, this was super important because there is nothing worse than false expectations.

Rachel made sure I knew exactly what would happen, what to expect with recovery and talked me through the product she was using, which was Juvederm. I’m not going to go into detail on the product as I’m not a medical practitioner but you can find out more here.

I decided that I was going to go for it. I was going to let someone inject my lips for the first time in the pursuit of a voluptuous pout.

Rachel applied numbing cream to my lips and injected a small amount of Juvederm evenly in my lips and stopped to let me see how it was looking and if I wanted to continue going with the rest of the product. Of course I did!

I did bruise a bit a couple days after but that’s normal.

Once all the bruising and swelling went down, I was left with the beautiful pout I wanted :)

The end result was way more better than I expected, I loved them! They looked super natural and I didn’t have a duck face #missionaccomplished. The best thing was when I went back to work and nobody could pin point that I’d had my lips done. I received comments on how fresh I looked and people asked me what was different.

It’s whatever you need to give you that little boost in confidence. If it’s lip filler, hair dye, botox, new pair of shoes… there is no shame in making ourselves feel that bit more confident. Life is too short to feel less than your fabulous self, darling!

Much love and coffee,


Ps. I’ve also had a nose job and I’ll write about that soon too ;)

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