Mother Fkers who work with me

(A.K.A Testimonials)


"Dee honestly has a natural way to dig deep into who you are & the gifts that are already within you ready to emerge so you can live the life you're meant to in your own power! She will empower you to take the actions that are right for you & make some major changes in your life. This is literally just the beginning for Dee & she's going to be the next big thing. I'm so thankful for her support, compassionate understanding, & tough love of what I gotta do next to live a life for what's right for me & take me to my next-level." 

Annie Mand at A Mystical Life, Energy Coach

"Dee is such a powerful woman with very clear goals! She has really strong values of living a life with purpose and in freedom, being your own boss by loving what you do! Dee is a huge inspiration when it comes to JUST DOING THINGS without worrying about what others think of her. She has a very unique humor and I just love being around her! By working on herself on a daily basis and clearing her own blockages, she is THE role model for any woman who wants to live a better life, a life full of freedom, fun, curiosity, love, and fulfillment. If you’ve ever thought about leaving your corporate job and living a new life with your own business, Dee is definitely the woman who can help you get that!"

Martina Fink - Health & Life Coach + Beauty Expert

"I couldn't say enough good things about Dee as a coach. I was trying to make severe and crucial changes for the last 2 years in my career, but I have made more progress and positive steps with her in few months than ever. Her solid sound advice made me hope for the future, my self-esteem and confidence levels have greatly improved, and her coaching skills helped me identify and focus on my most important career goals and face the fears that have hindered me so much. She helped me to clearly identify my capabilities and use them as a guide to making career judgments and prepare for changes."

Elissavet Klonopoulou

"As a friend and colleague, Dee has ever been a great source of inspiration and sound guidance. Upon establishing ‘The Female Mogul’ services, I approached Dee for some resume building advice in order to understand how to better market myself for future opportunities, in line with my capabilities and aspirations.

Her pragmatic counsel and tailored professional approach to resume building have, without doubt, allowed me to define and create a resume which I am not only proud of, but has also helped to elicit interest from several potential employers. I was able to truly hone in on how to put my best foot forward, without feeling worried about ‘over-selling’ myself, and essentially, without under-selling myself all the same.

As a woman, Dee is really able to connect with her female clientele – she understands how personal fears and self-limiting ideology can hold women back from going for what they truly want from their careers – and is able to help you tackle this, if not overcome it entirely, with relative ease. With her added splash of positive motivational thinking, patience and insightful advice, I am happy that I came to her – in essence, Dee helped me to discover and be comfortable with my own potential, and for this, I am forever thankful"

Leen Latif

"Coaching with Dee is a privilege for anyone who has the inner need to redesign her approach of professional life in a totally new perspective. During my uncertain moments she helped me focus on my “blind spots” and to identify the new possibilities around me. Dee channeled effectively all interactive discussions to assist me evaluate things differently and improve my thinking. With her guidance and ability to really listen, I managed to realize how I was holding myself back. She provided me with the vital tools to re-structure the foundations of my professional growth and to resolve my confidence issues. Her method and approach developed further my self-awareness .

I would like to thank Dee for the coaching she have given me. It was one of the best personal investments of my life."